Why Outsource?

Don’t Be Fooled

Almost all medical billing websites today will have a page or a paragraph extolling the virtues of outsourcing your medical billing as opposed to doing it in house.

Typical comparisons look something like this:

  Pros Cons
Outsource Less Expensive
Greater Transparency
Detailed Reports
Greater Consistency
Less control
Variable Fees
Hidden Costs
In-House Greater Control
Return on Investment
Immediate Proximity
Higher Costs
Employee Liability
Support Issues

Cons? Really?

  • Control – Scorpio Surgical Billing answers to you! You retain complete control of your practice.
  • Variable Fees – Our pricing structure is simple. One monthly fee, period.
  • Hidden Costs – We have none.
  • Return On Investment – Perhaps you have invested in billing technology or staff training. Great! We will do more staff training and in most cases can access your software remotely.
  • Proximity – These days, managers already send email to the desk across the hall. Send it to us–we are on duty and respond promptly.

For so many reasons, outsourcing offers the most advantages for clean claims submissions, low Days in A/R, and maximum revenue recovery.

The Real Question

What should you consider important regarding In House vs Outsourcing Medical Billing?

Revenue?   Expense?  Time?

Revenue. You've already done the work, and you want to be paid for it – in full, and as soon as possible. Just "processing" claims does not accomplish this task. An employee files claims; a medical billing company has a vested interest in maximizing your revenue and getting you paid quickly.

Expense. Saving money goes hand in hand with generating revenue. It has long been a foregone conclusion that outsourcing to a competent medical billing company not only increases revenue, but also costs less than doing the billing in house.

Time. Your time is valuable, and how you spend it matters. Outsourcing your medical billing frees up your staff to do other tasks, and allows you more time for growing your practice, caring for your patients, or spending quality time with your family and friends.

Every minute spent on billing, or handling your billing staff, is a minute you could be using to improve your practice, and your life.

The Real Choice

The real choice isn't whether or not to outsource your billing, but who will take care of you? As you know in your own profession, not all service providers are the same.

You need a billing company who will:

  • earn your trust through competence and results
  • recognize and prevent costly errors
  • challenge on your behalf every denied claim
  • help your staff recognize every billable procedure
  • respond promptly to your needs
  • be friendly and courteous, kind and professional
  • improve your revenue by training your staff in patient registration procedures
  • create an excellent reputation for your practice amongst insurers and patients
  • maintain security of information about your practice and patients

Scorpio Surgical Billing delivers. Depend on us.

Without patients to serve, you go quickly out of business. Without accurate and complete claims billing, you go s-l-o-w-l-y out of business. We understand the physician's revenue cycle and how to maximize it.

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