Your Best Value

As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." Are we the least expensive? No. Are we your best value? Absolutely! Here are some tips as you decide on your medical billing service provider.


It is a huge mistake to shop percentages only.  You must consider the experience and track record of the company.

EXAMPLE: Company A charges 3%, Company B charges 6%.
Question: Which is a better deal?
Answer: The one that makes you the most money!
  Company A Company B
*Rate 3% 6%
Reversed Denials Collected $25,000 $50,000
Billing Fee $750 $3,000
Extra Cash in Your Pocket $24,250 $47,000

Our rates are competitive, and with over 30 years in the industry, Scorpio Surgical Billing knows how to maximize your bottom line. Experience matters.

*Neither Company A nor Company B above represents Scorpio Surgical Billing’s actual rate. Please call for this information. Scorpio Surgical Billing


Another point to consider: extra fees. We don't have them.

  • No Set-Up Fees
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • No Switchover Fees
  • No "Hidden" Fees

Just one basic monthly fee. Period.


Every professional works with a contract. As you shop, check the term length and termination clause. You don't want to be locked in with a non-performing company. We do not use lengthy contracts. Our contracts are about the obligations and responsibilities of both parties to ensure a good working relationship, not an arbitrary time commitment. We want you to stay with us because we excel at what we do! Our contract guarantee: your claims will be processed in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner.

We believe that our referral program for loyal clients is the best in the business.
Up to 25% off of one month's invoice!
Does your billing company do that?

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